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From broken legs to rips and tears...we can fix just about anything!
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It’s our job to fix broken furniture so that it looks and sits just like new again!

More Stability

A simple fix can give you more balance and stronger support

More Comfort

Enjoy sitting comfortably again

Higher Value

Your furniture will increase in value after a repair

Neill Orr

“1st Class Upholstery saved my sofa! The team is very friendly and provided good advice and option for restoring my sofa. I’m a very happy customer!”

Samantha Kerr

“A wee note to thank Linda and colleagues for restoring my two leather sofas. Can’t believe the difference after upholstery and cleaning. Great prices, great service would recommend 1st Class Upholstery to anyone.”

Elaine Calderwood

“Great value-for-money! We now have what feels like a brand new three piece suite.”

What Makes Our Furniture Repair Service in Glasgow Unique?

We take great pride in every piece of furniture we work on

30 Years Of Experience

Our extensive experience in furniture repair gives us the confidence in our ability to restore almost any piece

Highly Respected in Glasgow

With many customers around the Glasgow area, we are your go-to service for furniture repair.

Free Restoration Advice

Before we begin any work, we give you complete clarity on what work needs completed

The Furniture Repair Process Explained

Furniture repair is the process of taking a piece of furniture that has received damage and restoring it back to a condition that allows you to enjoy it again both in terms of comfort and style. Repairs jobs can vary considerably from the removal of a simple watermark, scratch or dent right through to the repair of a worn corner. On top of cosmetic repairs, we also offer to work on more structural or mechanical type repairs too.

These include re-glueing chairs, loose veneer, re-building drawer runners, replacing worn webbing, re-building bed rails, straightening warped wood, re-building loose table slides. The list is endless.

Vital to the long-term health of furniture, we must make sure that each piece is structurally sound before we carry out any work. A stable structure prevents you from experiencing any discomfort and breaks in the future. How do we do this? It starts with a process called ‘stripping’ where we strip back all materials and fabric from your piece of furniture until we only its core components remain. At that level, we can make a diagnosis of the level of repairs required. Sometimes, no repairs are needed at all, and we can just replace the linen with something new to give a fresher design. However, we may need to repair various elements to ensure stability such as issues with the feet to prevent wobbles.
Who likes a chair without back support? We certainly don’t! To make sure that everyone you welcome to your home has a comfortable experience, we make sure that your back and bottom have the ultimate feeling of support, we give your furniture a complete corrective support structure. It’s part of our exemplary upholstery service that we achieve the highest standards of comfort so we make sure that when you sit down on your piece for the first time that you can notice the feeling of stability.
The padding in your furniture is what makes it feel comfortable so when it starts to feel worn, saggy and uncomfortable – that’s when you know you need a change for sure. At 1st Class Upholstery, we use the softest padding available, allowing you to feel safe in the knowledge that whenever you sit down at your favourite spot, you’ll always feel relaxed.
We use felt layering to contain the padding and provide a comforting layer to your chair. Although there are many different layering available for use, from our experience the use of felt has provided the optimum level of comfort for our clients at 1st Class Upholstery. Once that we are happy with this stage, we will sew the padding and felt together, giving a great feeling to whoever sits there, but we’re not done yet…
Fine fabric is one thing, but it’s what you do with it that makes a piece of furniture look the part. Our experts in Glasgow can customise your piece with a number of different options of your choosing.

Here’s how easy it is to get your furniture restored

furniture repair glasgow

Step 1:

Expert Advice

Just sent a quick message and we’ll call you right back with some expert advice

bespoke furniture repair

Step 2:

Bespoke Repair

We agree on a look and style for your furniture and get started on your project

deliver your furniture

Step 3:

Free Delivery

Once it’s complete, we’ll deliver it back to your house and place it where you like it

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can old furniture be totally restored?
A: Yes, the complete restoration of old antique furniture as seen here can be accomplished. The procedure is to tear off all old upholstery to allow for complete inspection of furniture structural framework. All necessary repairs to framework including reinforcing and rebuilding are done at this time.
Q: Can loose and or broker chairs be repaired as strong as if new?
A: Yes, we have completed hundreds of successful chair repairs over the years.
Q: Can Chairs be re-caned to match original colors and weave?
A: Yes, Canning weaves are available in many different patterns of raw cane that we finish with great attention to detail and craftsmanship. Our personal consultation will answer and clarify any other canning or rushing questions you may have.
Q: My dining room table was damaged during my recent move can this be repaired?
A: Yes. This usually involves the rebuilding of furniture, joinery, broken parts, damaged finishes, and the reinforcing of structural components.
Q: What type of repair work do you specialise in?
A: Generally, if something is broken we can fix it. This includes; mirrors, drawers, cabinet doors, lamps, marble, ceramics, kitchen cabinets and hardware locks, casters, hinges, dining room table extension sliders, missing carved pieces. Please feel free to call with questions or for more information.
Q: I have inherited my grandmother’s antique rocking chair. Can the fabric be replaced and the chair restored to the memory I have of it?
A: Yes, we can preserve the family history of ownership. We will maintain the original configuration and appearance consistent with the age of the furniture.

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