Furniture Restoration Specialists

Repair, re-pad and re-cover your prized furniture so it looks better in your home
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How we can help you

Furniture Repair

From broken legs to rips and tears…we can fix just about anything!

Replacement Upholstery

Give your sofa that classy look that will make your friends go “oooh”

French Polishing

Remove watermarks and give your wood a mesmerising shine
“They are creative and do a beautiful job.”
– Catherine Hardy

We believe that beautiful furniture deserves to be enjoyed

After speaking to thousands of people over the last 30 years about their worries and concerns regarding their furniture. When you distil all of those conversations down, we believe that there is one central theme; the desire to enjoy furniture both aesthetically and from a comfortability standpoint without fear of breaking it.

That’s where we come in…it’s our job to repair, re-pad, re-cover and french polish precious furniture so that it can be cherished for years to come.

Why invest in your furniture?


Improves comfortability

Sitting down shouldn’t be a pain in the bum. With new upholstery, you’ll be much more comfortable

More aesthetically appealing

With a little care from our specialists, you’ll notice a BIG difference every time you walk into the room

Increases longevity & value

With a few touch-ups, you can increase the value of your furniture (and your house) significantly

What Makes 1st Class Upholstery Different?

Often, furniture restoration companies will blindly quote you to repair your prized pieces of furniture and try and charge you through the nose! We don’t think it’s fair; just because a piece is priceless due to its sentimental value doesn’t mean that you should have to fork out hand over fist.

1st Class Upholstery takes a different approach to your prized possessions. We take time to get to know your restoration goals and provide you with a fair and affordable price that allows our specialists to take pride in their work, without leaving you feeling cheated or hard done by.

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We know how it feels to look at a piece of furniture that you have loved and cared for and accept that it has become worn and tired looking. It’s saddening – almost like losing an old friend.


The good news is that furniture can be revitalised back to its original state, giving you that feeling of first impressions all over again. OR, you could decide to spruce your furniture up a little – trying something a bit fresher whilst retaining the charm and beauty of an antique.

It’s our job at 1st Class Upholstery to help you achieve your dream home with perfect furniture. Founded over 30 years ago by Lynda Henderson, 1st Class Upholstery has helped thousands of people in Glasgow and Edinburgh to enjoy their homes again.

How easy it is to get your furniture restored…

Step 1:

Contact Us

Just sent a quick message and we’ll call you right back with some expert advice

Step 2:

Bespoke Repair

We agree on a look and style for your furniture and get started on your project

Step 3:

Free Delivery

Once it’s complete, we’ll deliver it back to your house and place it where you like it

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We’ve worked on thousands of different pieces of furniture over the years and every one of those projects started with a simple enquiry. Like this one…